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Stretching & Flexibility
Donna McKay Stretching
Stretching and Flexibility  

To get the most from your stretching customize your routine to fit your needs. Stretch until you feel slight pulling but no pain. As you hold the stretch the muscle will relax. As you feel less tension you can increase the stretch again until they feel the same slight pull. Hold this position until you feel no further increase.  Don't Bounce! Bouncing during a stretch can increase the risk of injury.

Stretching and flexibility are essential parts of a fitness program to decrease the risk of injury by increasing range of motion, prevent soreness and improve performance.  In addition stretching is extremely relaxing and can help to maintain a balance in body mechanics. But one of the biggest benefits of stretching may be something the research can't quantify: it just feels good. Keeping your muscles and ligaments flexible is important because tight muscles can cause chronic pain..

Donna McKay Stretching


The Benefits:

Stretching is an important part of a cool down, not only physically but mentally; ending your workout with something that makes you feel good can help you associate those good feelings with future workouts. Other benefits include:



Stretching Tips:

Stretching is just about the simplest of all physical activities. It is the perfect antidote for long periods of inactivity. Regular stretching throughout the day will reduce muscle tension and fatigue, improve circulation and mental alertness and decrease the risk of injury.

9 Improved performance 9 Always stretch within your comfortable limits
9 Reduced soreness and lower back pain 9 Pain means you are overstretching
9 Increased blood flow to the body 9 Do not compare yourself with others
9 Improved coordination 9 Hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds…No bouncing.
9 Keeps you active and mobile as you age 9 Breathe slowly. Do not hold your breath.
9 It feels good! 9 Stretch Daily (insert link to stretching diagrams)


The Basics:

Your stretching program doesn't have to be complicated. Following these simple rules can make your routine safe and easy:  
9 Make sure you stretch warm muscles. Stretching cold muscles can cause injuries, so save the stretching for after your workout.  
9 Never bounce when you stretch. This forces the muscle to go beyond what is comfortable and can cause injury.  
9 Stretch all the muscles you use during your workout, lingering on any areas that are tight or tender.  
9 Hold each stretch for about 15-30 30 seconds and try to do each stretch 2 or more times.  
9 Stretching and flexibility programs have become so popular, it's easy to learn how to do it safely and there are a number of tools out there to make your routine a little more effective.  
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