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Circuit Training
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Circuit training is an interval training technique that minimizes rest between sets and exercises. In a circuit type of weight training program, each exercise is done in succession with minimal rest between exercises. This allows you to maximize your time in the gym by minimizing the amount of time you spend resting. Maximum results in the minimum time.


Circuit Training Sequence:



My Good Life Fitness Training Equipment

Exercises and the muscle groups that are improved
Circuit (weight) training at My Good Life Fitness can be an individual or
small group activity.  Below is a list of the typical circuit training
sequence at My Good Life Fitness and the muscle (groups) the exercise is
designed to work. Your routine will be designed to work for you, keeping
your end goals in mind.

Lunges: Primary: Quadriceps, Assist: Hamstrings, Calves, Glutes

9 Leg Press: Primary: Glutes, Assists: Quadriceps, Calf
8 Leg Extension: Primary: Quadriceps, Assist: None
9 Seated Leg Curl: Primary: Hamstring, Assists: Calf
7 Pec Dec (Fly): Primary: Chest, Assists: Shoulder
8 Incline Chest Press: Primary: Chest, Assists: Triceps
8 Lat Pull Down (Back): Primary: Back, Assists:  Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
8 Shoulder Press: Primary: Shoulders, Assists: Chest, Triceps, Trapezius
8 Triceps Push Down: Primary: Triceps, Assists: None
6 Arm (Bicep) Curl: Primary: Triceps, Assists: None
6 Push ups: Primary:Chest,Shoulders, Triceps and Back
  (Primary = the primary muscle intended for exercise.  Assist = Muscle(s) that assist another muscle to accomplish a movement.)
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